It is much more robust and the errors disappeared. Or it may not. View Cart My Account. My drivers in the snippet are for the model and not compatible with the The signal generation is OK. If I change the frequency to 8,9,10,11 or 12 kHz with all other parameters unchanged it doesn’t work.

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Actually I had so many troubles with this Agilent that I decided to use a new one Keysight a series, very similar to yours and that uses the drivers you have.

Agilenh it and see if it helps. Not sure if they are the same issues you are having. Something might go wrong when converting the data array into binary block chain, but I don’t understand what. Message 3 of 3. Looking at your manual, my A seems to be very similar to your ARB just newer.

Agilent 33250A Arbitrary Function 80mhz Waveform Generator

Phase adjustments can be made from the front panel or via a computer interface, allowing precise phase calibration and adjustment. I couldn’t create a waveform directly to non-volatile memory.


My drivers in the snippet are for the model and not compatible with the I didn’t find any logical rule IntuiLink pro-vides the tools to easily create, down-load, and manage waveforms for your Agilent A.

I’m thus seeking for help.

View Cart My Account. Standard External lock range: I don’t have an Agilent but a Keysight A. The knob or numeric keypad can be used to adjust frequency, amplitude and offset. I also give the different subVIs that are used to configure the Agilent.

But for those frequencies, if I change the number of points, it may work sometimes. Linear or logarithmic; up or down. Issue with arbitrary waveform and Agilent A.

Message 1 of 3. I have also written a VI that generates a signal that I want to send to the Agilent as an arbitrary waveform. Most Active Software Agilen The included Agilent IntuiLink soft-ware allows you to easily create, edit, and download complex waveforms using the IntuiLink Arbitrary Waveform Editor.

The graphical interface also allows you to modify arbitrary waveforms quickly and easily. I too had issues creating ARB waveforms.

Keysight Technologies (Agilent HP) A used or new for sale at used-line

Message 2 of 3. Once my signal is created, I send it to the Agilent as an arbitrary waveform that is bursted once. You will find as attached files the VIs I’m using: This list is mainly constituted by “error Color Graphical Display The unique design of the A com-bines a low-profile instrument with the benefits of a color graphical display.



With variable edge time, pulse width and voltage level, agielnt Agilent A is ideally suited to a wide variety of pulse applications. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Programmable burst count and gating allow you to further customize your signal. It consists of a sinusoidal signal that I can control quite well frequency sweep, linear increase of the amplitude, etc