Leave the current password field blank for the first time entry and then type the new password. You cannot join the WiFi without providing this new Wireless key. But I decided to test the connection only recently because I was facing lots of issues with my Reliance Broadband and Tata Docomo Broadband connections. When you get a window to enter user name and password just leave them blank and hit enter and it should log you in. To check the currently active devices on Asianet Wireless network, click on Status tab. I was a little disappointed while checking up for help tutorials because there is not much resources available. Also, customer care number is always BUSY.

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The ingenuineness of this review appears doubtful. Upload Photos Upload photo files with. When you get a window to enter user name and password just leave them blank and hit enter and it should log you in. I am using the link https: To enable this feature go to User Setup under Parental Control. You can monitor the devices currently connected to Cisco DPC Perhaps I called at wrong time, whenever I called the technical support, it said either the user is busy or no one is picking the call.


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Logon IP address of Asianet Cable modem is Are there any paid writers in Kerala? You may check the 6th step to block dayaline in Asianet broadband connection. But the fourth one Online doesn’t turn on. If at all the connection stops working, the service desk is quite effective in fixing the connection without any delays.

Even though we make this payment for the modem, it remains a property of the ISP.

I used to experienced very feeble connection most of the time, where fade up to call customer care! Any wrong settings on this page can deny your free access to World Wide Web. Thank you for rating this Product.

WiFi Connection Issues If you are facing WiFi connection issues with Asianet cable modem, follow the instructions provided in the link below. This was a welcome move for me because Reliance Broadband technician had installed an old and used ADSL modem in my home.

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Click here to know more. I suggest you refer 5th step for more details. Internet Fataline Provider, an ISP is a firm that offers Internet access and other web services to its customers or subscribed users. Review on Asianet Dataline Cable Internet. You can find it here: In my 3 mbps connection, I get 2. The service desk personnel are knowledgeable, likewise.


An ISP gives the user a private secured Internet account access to the Internete-mail address, web space and hosting services for a web page. For a general view, visit the link below.

Everything was fine but very recently I was facing connectivity problems on my computers which are connected to the Asianet WiFi network. However, you need to keep that browser tab used for logging in to the network open at all aisanet the times. The repair asianeet usually happen during the night time after Also, customer care number is always BUSY.

Its all there on that page. Please verify whether your local cable operator is happy with Asianet.

Admin I have recently subscribed to Asianet broadband. If it is a Cisco then the default IP is I would be really grateful, if you could explain me how i can get this thing to work. There is a script you can use to kodem automatically from your computer and connect again if it disconnects for some reason.