Changes in version 2. This is supposed to fix some more “Beyond Logic” errors, especially when these were seen only sporadically. You may consult this listing to find the privacy policy for each of the advertising partners of www. Some more minor performance tweaks an other things. Fixed a minor memory leak that would have made about 4k of memory going stale whenever the audio engine is being restarted.

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Symptom of an old broken download would be stuttering playback with x64 hosts. Helps with mono input devices, such as e.

ASIO4ALL – Download

Univsrsal GUI has been un-cluttered a little. Bad news is that you have no WDM driver for your audio hardware. Also, there is a new check box that lets you force resampling at Fix issue that certain configurations e.

General workaround for all host applications that happen to drop BufferSwitch calls. Improve audio device surprise removal recovery. The purpose of this one is explained easily: Also, an issue has been fixed that would have made it impossible to set a reasonable Input Delay on some systems. Third Party Privacy Policies You should consult the respective privacy policies of these third-party ad servers for more detailed information on their practices as well as for instructions about how to opt-out of certain practices.


Given the variety of audio hardware and system configurations out there, chances are indeed that ASIO4ALL may either not work on your system at all or that it may not work with certain applications while with others it does.

Free audio and mp3 editor that anyone can use to meet all their music editing needs.

Control panel now remembers its screen position. What are the true latencies vs.

WaveRT devices not detected if Compatibility Mode enabled for the host application. Installation, of course, requires administrator privileges. Windows has a built-in generic USB audio driver that works with most devices.

Brave blocks unwanted content by default and keeps count. You are further asked to run this little debug utility on your system.

The driver now generally also works under all user privilege levels down to and including the “guest” account.

This driver can replace the one that came with your sound card installed in the desktop or laptop PC. Privacy Policy for asio4all.

ASIO4ALL – Universal ASIO Driver

Outputs may remain unavailable if there is more than one output device active. Default audio device configuration changed to skip HDMI audio. Pull-Mode to be used at all. WaveRT support now also includes event notification mode as well as support for very basic implementations with no position register. You may find a comprehensive listing of these privacy policies and their links here: The univerdal, as well as the stuff mentioned above that has not yet become a trademark of Microsoft, Corp.


The ASIO control uiversal is now being updated immediately after a different audio device has been selected. Fix several bugs in the x64 version that sort of would have kept it from working under XP 64 almost entirely. The workaround asii4all part of the ASIO4ALL installer, meaning you may have to re-run the installer, should the problem occur at any later time.

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When I select the control panel on the desktop, the sample rate is grayed out Version 1. Asus P4B Univesal Driver 2. The driver has a low latency ASIO aspect which ensures that the processing of sound will not contain much static or audio quality loss.