Yep, in spite of my recently having put in a newer CMOS battery, the battery was low. And does anyone know why I don’t have a shutdown only option in my Shutdown menu? Fri Mar 16, 8: I followed the Nlite guide and I’m trying to update the files found in the Asus chipset install utillity: Thu Mar 15, Sun Sep 13,

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Thanks for the tip. Save the new BIOS setting and reboot.

Forum – ASUS P5Q-E multi-boot system incl. XP x86 and Win10 x64 running in AHCI mode possible?

It saves a lot of hassle not having to find boot time drivers for your sata drives when installing. Trying to get support with the saus atm. Be careful with that and back up your data first, if possible. Today, my machine has suddenly decided that it will wake up from sleep, but it will prompt me for the logon password.

Yep, did that many times.

Intel Core i5 K, Disk Drives: I’m starting to be more convinced that this is due to update issues Microsoft hasn’t ironed out yet. Sorry, I’m way behind the curve these days.


Why don’t I have a menu option for just “shut down”? Any way I can force it to do the update? I’m just trying to understand what hardware is on my board cause with all these rom numbers and driver numbers it gets confusing. Other than Graphics cards and sometimes special devices like certain storage controllers, Windows comes with very stable drivers.

Asus P5QE – won’t boot in AHCI mode

When I pressed the reset button, the machine powered down and booted to the desktop, then promptly appeared to shut itself down. Sun Mar 18, 8: After testing most of the hardware, I tried resetting BIOS settings to default and that seemed to allow the drive to enumerate consistently. That way I know I’m not installing a load of useless junk.

Not sure what you mean by a Windows 10 issue. The reason mentioned above will be qsus. I assume mobos are never supposed to do that, or is this intended behaviour?

ASUS P5Q-E Drivers??

Will you be using it to install XP? Sun Sep 13, ahic I didn’t see Paladin’s post til you pointed it out. Also, the P5Q has two types of Sata ports.


What’s different about booting into safe mode?

P5Q-E Driver & Tools | Motherboards | ASUS Global

Check you RAM is properly seated. The problem will be, that the boot files of the other Operating Systems will be overwritten by the XP Setup with the result, that you will not be able to boot into the other Operating Systems thereafter.

Mar 12, Posts: You only need the sata drivers slipstreamed. I have a “development” machine that I use for a variety of video applications using all of the above OS’s.

Why do you recommend updating the firmware in another machine? Click hereto adjust the content of the private message. Dieter alias Fernando My current System: Not sure why it suddenly is requiring a password to do so when I never configured that, but ass should be fairly easy to fix. Everything looked fine, until it didn’t.