Message 1 of 9. Splash uses its codec that has better quality and makes CrystalHD’s chip warmer, but other programs use Broadcom codec that decreases quality so much specially while de-interlacing. Connecting the new CMOS battery to motherboard. It reduces quality so much specially with some video files. Some clean-up work is required, but in the mean time, here is my assessment of the current Crystal HD status: X1 Carbon 6th Gen Battery drain in sleep.

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Forums Knowledge Base Blogs. Many video files play like this: Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Message 2 of 9.

This website uses cookies. In your case the cause of issue is white list of approved wireless cards stored within the BIOS. Views Read View source View history. However vlc will have to started from the command line to use the crystal hd.

Second revised board layout functionally identical [3]. There are another ones, cheaper. Mythtv does not currently support the BCM version, the only other version that I am aware of is the BCM which is the half pci-e mini half card.


Video Decoder Azurewave Aw-vd904 Broadcom Crystal HD Bcm70010 Bcm70012

Message 8 of 9. The benefit of Splash is that forces Crystal HD not to work with it. Decodee the last picture, I added a white foam using a double-sided tape. I do know that this is a problem on CMOS battery because I’ve encountered this before on my desktop computer.

Is it possible to install an older BIOS version over the newer? The Video bitrate doesn’t work: Message 4 of 9. Broadcom BCM mini-pcie decodder bottom.

Broadcom Crystal HD on X Laptop – Lenovo Community

It will serve decode a cushion between the keyboard and new battery. I cannot get it to work in my X laptop. CMOS battery and mini-pcie slot location.

This wiki page is noticeably out of date, at least as of Feb. My lil GMA video overlay hardware has full horizontal resolution pixels but only or less for vertical resolution, so no FullHD playback.

Some clean-up work is required, but in the mean time, here is my assessment of the current Crystal HD status: Another adapter has been azueewave and works for me in a PCIe X1 slot on a normal motherboard and was cheaper than the MP1 adapter: Electrical insulation using capton tape. I decided to put azurewav nice little mini-pcie card to this laptop to give another hardware upgrade that it deserves.


If you want to install this card into your laptop change IDs inside of the card you’ll need some documentation and in. Nevertheless, what are them? Last edited by P. Mirillis Team Member Follow us on Twitter: But perhaps the method of approved cards IDs checking differs. No registered users and 3 guests. Last week, this laptop suddenly showed an error during boot.

Although this laptop do not have any issue when browsing in the internet, it is somehow being maxed out when playing HD videos.