I have tried all combinations. What happens if you send only the last one with “06 1b” in it?? Anyway, the next thing to do is to see if a driver has recognized the switched device. Thu Dec 24, 3: Note that 3G The Con nection Manager offers multi languages interface. Again, be so kind and post the information I requested.

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How does it come? Yes, I didn’t add “Need response” flag. Underlying device eth0 has same MAC, not checking promiscious ode. Note that 3G The Con nection Manager offers multi languages windowa. Thu Dec 24, 6: Click Exit to return to the Compose screen.

What happens if you send only the last one with “06 1b” in it?? I found ttyUSB and connect to pppd successfully.


Could someone help me to set up it,please? Now, I update to v1. Fri Dec 25, 3: What the problem could be?


Thanks for your tutorial. Represents a with any other antenna or transmitter.

Important Notice Secondly, CE Marking is Potential Hazards mandatory for the product it applies to, whereas most quality markings are voluntary. And it seems not only one command to switch. Network Selection General initialization.

Mon Dec 28, 3: At least, I need use three commands to switch mode. Hi ghlight a network and click Select.

Thu Dec 24, 3: Check Auto connect on startup to have the C Series connect to the internet automatically during startup.

You mentioned a sniffing log from Windows. Thu Dec 24, 7: Two more Microsoft HotFix downloads are needed: Then do it again to see “error “. To start with a defined state, replug the device before each time you make a new try to switch Don’t give the endpoint on the command line, it is determined automatically.


BandLuxe C170 Series User Manual

Unfortunately, your “lsusb” output is not very useful. If no change is needed, click Canc Note that N etwork can only be accessed when the C Series is not nnected to a network. These differences are minor and should not limit the functionality of the C Series in any way. If there is no data, the C Series is offline. Wed Jun 02, 1: Hi, Josh, It is not easy to switch via a singal command. Wed Jun 02, Some hints for your experiments: