Well, the Avenger chip is nothing more than an extension of the Banshee core. I will tell you one thing.. A1 and the Rev. Several functions may not work. But now that i am collecting 3dfx VGA cards again, hopefully my Voodoo5 will return to me one day, there is always hope they say. I already miss 3dfx.

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Then he stopped for awhile. If you want a more technical detailed document of the Voodoo5you can take a read of this: A1 [week 09, year ] is the second PCI variant of the Voodoo5 as the first Voodoo5 of year The actual hardware changes involve adding 4. Hi Jacob, want me to take a look at it? I too sat down last night and read almost this entire post in entirety and even watched the discussion video.

VOGONS • View topic – Voodoo3 and the VSA

A1 used also a 4 pinned late Voodoo Volts, these gave the cards 80 watts of power. I can show you also Look closely: Still, a graphics card should be able to output some video even though the drivers aren’t installed. Sir Hank Semenec is also a member of my x-3dfx community btw like many other 3dfx Engineers 3dfx programmers mainly Driver developers and 3dfx collectors are a part of our tight 3dfx related community.


This is how I got Jedi Knight: Several functions may not work.

3cfx ones I am using now like 2 years newer so maybe the older driver may fix this, though I am not so sure about this, since it was some time ago that I ran the AGP. Last time I ran the system its been awhile I got 19c idle!!!

A board with a single Rampage chip was called Specter Obi-Wan Kenobi 14 Apr Jul 25, Posts: Here the U of the Rev. It’s really beat up though. Jedi Academy running for example: D That was for the family PC though Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor.

What an awesome mess. Was it the S3 savage pro, the S3 prosavage, the S3 savage 4, the Savage 4 pro?

A1 with PC Bios 1. It’s very small but readable and looks like this as shown on gdonovan’s blank PCB’ed Rev. This is done using Rampage’s texture computer and its unique “loopback” function.

Goodbye 3Dfx – February 19, – Ars Technica OpenForum

No, but the video card isn’t really running a program now is it. I’m beginning to suspect that this the case.


Several of these were made, since they needed to determine how much power a V6K would really need, in the end they all seemed to be overkill rofl. Then why do you feel that I should have detected sarcasm when your box will clearly benefit from overclocking?

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When I get shit organized, I’ll snap a pic of it. Daaaamn, I’d love to have a case with room for a game port on the front. FTW3 Logo peel off. Also I ran lots of games with it just to see how nice it’s FSAA and image quality was, and still it’s the most beautiful I ever seen, it’s hard to bring in as jpegs, but you will get an idea at the least: