In case you have any doubts, you should disregard the post of Gyro. First, piano teachers–without ever having played one–are notorious for hating digital pianos, even though we are well into the digital piano age. Personally I prefer the Grand Piano 2 because it has an atmosphere a little more room, for against the guitar is very poorly emulated. If she is having trouble playing forte on an acoustic, try changing the touch setting on the Yamaha to a heavier setting assuming it has one. Bear in mind that the dynamic stereo samples are taken from a top of the range Yamaha concert grand.

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But I want to stress one important thing: Acoustic Electronic Snare Drums. The pedal is particularly good but limited for training and rehearsals for there also we find not necessarily the same feeling with a piano.

Yamaha Clavinova CLP-230/240 Review

It has clavonova dynamic range than CLK, To get the same change of level, CLK must be in its full volumn and then forte became a problem on real piano. I had the impression that for a student it doesn’t make a difference. Yamaha Korg Roland Nord.

Course to 88 keys, digital piano seems suitable for users not wanting to appropriate the sounds of the piano first. Another thing may be that many piano teachers today, even ones with fine credentials, are incompetent.

The configuration could not be easier: On acoustic pianos although she said the keyboard feel much lighter, but the sound she made for forte is no difference than pianissimo unless she really put in more force into it — An then can not play in the same way as she practice. Our company has a solid financial basis to trade and all premises are owned in full by the directors.


You can change the setting of touch according to your preferences, if desired sensation is rather heavy or light touch between the two if it was average.

Yamaha Clavinova CLP 240 230

Those who enjoy playing with a metronome, however, could not have comfort with the one supplied with software for Claver. Teachers will hound and discriminate against students who have digitals and constantly pressure them to get a “real” piano and it’s not unheard of for teachers to get a commission on every student they steer to an acoustic piano dealer.

Sadly, though, there are people who may read this nonsense and think it has some validity. My living situation forces me to use a digital piano for much of my practice, but I try to limit it to doing the initial study and learning of the required coordination and always finish my pieces on my grand piano. Do you mean that she is struggling with her stength the ability to produce a forte or with her control of the dynamic range? The confusing part for me is that the suffering should logically be in quieting the piano, not in bringing it to a forte.

My experience with YAMAHA CLP – Piano World Piano & Digital Piano Forums

Please Support Our Advertisers. The transposition is very useful and perfect can move the notes up to 12 semitone on either side were not complaining. Clzvinova also own an acoustic grand. Bear in mind that the dynamic stereo samples are taken from a top of the range Yamaha concert grand. Cases Pedals Other Stands Benches.


No, weighted-key digital pianos are superior for developing technique. Then feel free to change and rechange instruments and configurations you want to play. Pilusvol ‘s user review 5 Like Tweet Submit Email.

Subscribe to our mailing list – Get all the latest info and deals. They spend all their time stressing “dynamics” and “tone” and “nuances” and “feeling the music” and “half-pedaling,” when the number one problem in piano playing is reading and then hitting the right notes in the right time.

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Credit provided subject to age and status. To impugn practically the entire universe of piano teachers is cheap and irresponsible. The softkeys are perfect for pianists looking to play a long time without interfering environment. The key of CLP is heavier than acoustic, and I think it is more linear, that is the resistance is the same as you push the key, while acoustic piano is different.

Another piano piece from the New York Times by jazzyprof.