Reflection off mid-level brightness glossy screen in a sunlit room Click for larger image. The keyboard on the HEL80 has a shorter keystroke than most notebooks, but is easy to type on. Compal placed the ports, slots, and vents in all the right places. Is there one fan or two in this notebook? I did not feel as if the notebook would overheat at any time. Front View view large image.

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It did not hamper use of the touchpad. It takes serious pressure on the back or sides of the LCD to create minor ripples.

Compal Electronics HEL80 Free Driver Download (Official)

I have definitely not gone past the four hour mark yet. I got 2 hours 45 minutes with wireless on. I look forward to 3 years of worry-free computing under the PowerPro warranty. Reflection off mid-level brightness glossy screen in a sunlit room Com;al for larger image. Headphone and microphone jacks, 2x USB 2. Dell Inspiron e 2. Get Skype working with video.

I do notice better automatic network detection under Windows XP, however, I believe this boils down to configuration and software in Ubuntu that I simply have not found time to futz around with yet, as it works well enough far more often than not. Also of note are the lines on this notebook–a good blend of hard beveled edges with smooth, rounded corners.

If I had been paying attention, I could have cut this down to just two reboots by downloading and installing the kernel at the same time as the system update happened. You hit all the main points in considering this model.


Speakers Perhaps in recompense of the underwhelming WXGA resolution screen, the speakers of the HEL80 prove superb considering their diminutive size, which makes me happy as an audiophile. Compal HEL80 keyboard view large image. Now, when viewing the screen with one person, dead-on, colors are quite vibrant. Even though I have the lower resolution screen, the pixel is far from obvious and requires me searching the general area each time to find it.

This led me to look at Viewing the screen from any degrees below center causes a perceived drop in brightness and contrast, though the screen is quite readable. I cannot comment on battery life in Windows XP, as I simply do not spend enough time within that OS to give a first-hand report.

I hardly noticed the difference between stock and fully overclocked settings — even when alternating between the two settings — probably due to the fact that stock gaming performance is adequate.

The plastic used on the rest of the unit is high-strength and the whole unit feels like it is put together well. Going from back to front on the right side, one has access to the VGA output, optical drive, two USB ports, and the microphone and headphones jacks.

Tests were done with all settings at default. Donald even saved me some extra money by telling me to hold off on an extra battery until I get a feel for the Compal and determine if I will really need it.


Webcam and live tv on Compal HEL80 Don’t know why but my e-mail alerts are erratic so didn’t see your reply for a bit.

Compal HEL80 Review

Webcam cover view large image. However, our left-handed friends have nothing to fear, as the air escapes as anywhere between balmy to quite warm, but never what I would describe as hot. Donald HIDevolutionJul 17, The forward and back buttons can be used to change volume if held down for more cameda two seconds.

A similar feature can be found under various names from other notebook sellers, for example, in the new HP line of notebooks. You’ve all helped me get this far in only a week.

Bug # “Compal Hel80 Web Cam Doesn’t Work” : Bugs : linux package : Ubuntu

It certainly does not work out of the box, but drivers may be available for it. I am unsure about the modem at this point. I have experienced no problems connecting to my home wireless network with a strong signal.

As mentioned, in a dimly lit room, the screen can be very comfortably viewed at the lowest brightness setting.