Warranty and Support Services. The only disadvantage is the During the test one of our testers even wondered, whether the design of this notebook won’t backfire, because it could tarnish Dell’s reputation. Although Dell chose a modest battery 48 Wh for this budget laptop, the battery life of the Vostro A does not disappoint compared to similar notebooks. Keeps you connected and on-the-go A This behaviour is especially bothersome , because you might even in times of low load and relative silence face a suddenly audible fan.

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The speakers are not impressive. So, this notebook is clearly outperformed by newer notebooks which are equipped with superior integrated graphics processors made by Nvidia or ATI e. Get Connected — Your Way Stay productive and focused on your business in the latpop, on the road or at home.

Dell Vostro A specifications

The fan occasionally speeds up and slows down just after that. Temperature Although the Vostro A is not equipped with very powerful hardware and its cooling system works intensely during load, its chassis can heat up quite a bit. In fact the Vostro trounces any competition in its category, even if you consider all low-priced laptops and not only those with matte screen. Nevertheless, web pages and movies look rather good on this screen and meet our expectations.


If you are used to a Do more with Dell. The cheap plastic is a big contrast to the glossy lid, the frame around the screen, and the cover above the keyboard. Discover the advantages of the Vostro A laptop: We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used.

The glossy lead needs a lot of cleaning.

While these should give this laptop a more elegant look, they are also very sensitive to fingerprints. Unfortunately, the Vostro A is somewhat noisyand in our opinion this is one of its major disadvantage.

Warranty and Support Services. But the worst is the keyboard, which flexes very much. In regards of colour representation the A could also convince.

Therefore moving the cursor is a bit difficultbecause of too little space for comfortably moving it in vertical direction. Review Dell Vostro A The touchpad looks coarse and somewhat ineptas if it lies in a little gentle incline.

Review Dell Vostro A860

Furthermore, the default settings are inappropriate — the pointer moves slowly and with very little precision. My Products and Services.

Even if the CPU is not stressed, the fan is sometimes audible. On the contrary the mouse buttons are quite good, especially if you consider the price of the notebook.

The sharp edges of the keys are not convenient. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. But this is an illusion: Only two USB ports and inconveniently located — one adjacent to the other in the front part of the left side.


Dell Vostro A Laptop Replacement Parts |

Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. If you lift this laptop and carry it around you’ll realize that the DVD drive on the right is not mounted tightly. Lqptop Connected — Your Way.

If you look closer, you’ll realize that the used materials are of the same quality than of other notebooks of the same price category.

Furthermore, the sharp edges of the deell heads, make typing feel rather uncomfortable. Optical drive, Modem, Power Socket. This makes working with an external mouse difficult for right-handers. Reliable and Worry-Free Designed for everyday mobile office computing, the Vostro A laptop is ready to help you take on the rigors of your business day and keep you looking professional.