Sign In Don’t have an account? Homer discovers that Howard K. Barney became the designated driver. Duffman’s thrusts were first acted out by Brad Bird. Homer Simpson ” is the first episode of Season 9 originally an episode made for season eight. The contents of this article or section are considered to be non-canon and therefore may not have actually happened or existed.

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Due to the central plot being a dilemma that Homer has at the World Trade Center, the episode didn’t air in the United States for a long time or never aired again because many viewers thought desighated would never come back due to the episode becoming banned from airing in future broadcasting on American TV, which was not true. This Duffman was named “Sid”.

Sign In Don’t have an account? So, he mutters under his breath, “I do this, and I’m Jewish”. Homer then races out of the South Tower and goes to the top of the North Tower, where he relieves himself.

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Talk Contributions Create account Log in. When Duffman is shot by Frank Grimes, Jr. Unfortunately, the bathroom is locked and out of order. Contents [ show ].

Duff Beer Party Bus

Though he is a corporate mascot of Duff Beersome actors have displayed independent thought and conscience at times. Seeing how this means he would have to leave his car, Homer tries to resist, but it soon becomes too much to bare.


Barney became the designated driver. The Secret War of Lisa Simpson. If you want duvfman help support the contributors, you can make a one off payment by clicking here.

Duffman | Simpsons World on FXX

Duffman’s thrusts were first acted out by Brad Bird. Duffman also slept with Titania. The credits use the song “New York, New York”. His satisfaction soon disappears when he is forced to speed off to get his family after an enraged driver takes a potshot at him dhffman holding up traffic. The party bus visited Moe’s Tavern after Moe called them to try and cheer Homer up.

However, he then has to go the restroom, and the man driving the cart tells him that the only restrooms are at the observation decks of the towers. When Moe ‘s evening rush came into the bar one night, he told his customers they must have a designated driver. However, designate he finishes, he looks out the window and sees the parking officer, who hadn’t shown up for the whole day, giving him a ticket.

The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson | Simpsons Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Click this for further details. Barney had an outburst, saying that he is the designated driver, and Duffman understood it and remained at the bar to party with the drunks. When Lenny mentioned that he had heard Duffman died designzted liver failure, Duffman scoffed “Duffman can never die!


Duffman was also shot by Frank Grimes, Jr. Retrieved from ” http: Barney has an outburst, saying that he can’t because he is the designated driver.

The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson

Fesignated is based on Budweiser ‘s former mascot, Bud Man. In the end, Duffman said to himself “New feelings brewing in Duffman! Privacy policy About Wikisimpsons Disclaimers Mobile view. But when the duffmn journeys to New York to retrieve their car, Homer faces a one-on-one showdown with the dreaded boot. Page Discussion Edit this page History If you want to help support the contributors, you can make a one off payment by clicking here. Infuriated and desperate to rescue his car from the East River before the sun goes down, Homer drives out of the World Trade Center with the boot still on his designatfd.

The Duff corporation does not publicly acknowledge that Duffman is only a fictional character, so as not to disillusion Duffman’s “fans”.

Homer rushes out of the tower and reads the ticket stating that for his “failure to wait by vehicle.