I am a digital SLR enthusiast – this web site probably gives that away. Canon EOS digital camera timeline comparison. DSLR is an abbreviation that stands for digital single-lens reflex camera. Unlike DSLRs, most digital cameras lack the option to change the lens. However, electronic viewfinders may provide a brighter display in low light situations, as the picture can be electronically amplified. Thanks to the smartphone, it’s hard to walk down the street these days without seeing someone snapping a photo. DSLR versus the rest If you want to know more DSLR facts, this blog compares the pros and cons of these digital cameras versus mirrorless digital cameras and compact digital cameras.

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Several manufacturers have announced lenses for the new Micro Four Thirds mount, while older Four Thirds lenses can be mounted with an adapter a mechanical spacer with front and rear electrical connectors and its own internal firmware.

In the SLR film camera, the mirror blocked the light from striking the film, rather than the image sensor. Aroundspecific mirrorless camera models started offering competitive or superior specifications in these aspects.

Owners of digital SLR cameras can buy lenses that match their photography style, since a landscape photographer should not use the same lens as a wildlife photographer. One such project was Canon’s “Story Beyond the Still” contest that asked filmmakers to collectively shoot a short film in 8 chapters, with each chapter being shot over a short period of time and a winner was determined for each chapter.

A clear understanding of digital SLR jargon will help you decide which camera features you must have — and which ones you can live without. Retrieved 22 August Among other defining strengths, DSLRs:. Among other options, these accessories include tripodsremote controls vigital — most importantly, perhaps — external flashes.


When comparing two sensors of the same size, for example two APS-C sensors one A DSLR camera offers a host of advantages over other kinds of digital cameras, smartphone cameras, and even film cameras.

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In NovemberCanon released its 4.

DSLR Cameras: The Facts!

An optical viewfinder may also cause less eye-strain. Retrieved December 31, Nikon Canon D vs. A disadvantage of the DSLR optical viewfinder system is that when it is used, it prevents using the LCD for viewing and composing the picture.

In Willard S. In common with other interchangeable lens designs, DSLRs must contend with potential contamination of the sensor by dust particles when the lens is changed though recent dust reduction systems alleviate this.

DSLR cameras: The facts!

Manufacturers have attempted with increasing success to overcome this disadvantage by offering extreme ranges of caemra length on models known as superzoomssome of which offer far longer focal lengths than readily available DSLR lenses. Simple point-and-shoot cameras rely almost exclusively on their built-in automation and machine intelligence for capturing images under a variety of situations and offer no manual control over their functions, a trait which makes vigital unsuitable for use by professionals, enthusiasts and proficient consumers aka “prosumers”.

You can take photos of everything from sleeping kittens to race cars and you’ll never be limited by your cameta. Optical viewfinders tend to be more comfortable and efficient, especially for action photography and in low-light conditions. Bridge cameras provide some degree of manual control over cajera camera’s shooting modes, and some even have hotshoes and the option to attach lens accessories such as filters and secondary converters.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. DSLRs generally have greater cost, size, and weight. Thanks to the smartphone, it’s hard to walk down xamera street these days without seeing someone snapping a camerz. Live preview is useful in situations where the camera’s eye-level viewfinder cannot be used, such as underwater photography where the camera is enclosed in a plastic waterproof case.

Most people think that the camera alone is responsible for capturing an image, but this isn’t the case. To answer the question “what is a digital SLR” some tech jargon is required – but I promise to use at little as possible.

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If you read digital SLR camera reviews, you may hear a lot about viewfinder “coverage” and “brightness”. Focusing can be manual, by twisting the focus on the lens; or automaticactivated by pressing half-way on the shutter release or a dedicated AF button.

The downside of these cameras being that they do not have an optical viewfinder, making it difficult to focus on moving subjects or in situations where digitaal fast burst mode would be beneficial. Views Read Edit View history.

There are now available perspective-correcting PC lenses for DSLR cameras, providing some of the attributes of view cameras. Sincemanufacturers have offered DSLRs which offer a movie mode capable of recording high definition motion video.