National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. The probability of obtaining a visual grading score not greater than n is then given by. A practical approach to the first iteration in the optimizatiion of radiation dose and image quality in CT: Grey-scale inversion improves detection of lung nodules. Consoles, Handhelds, and Home Computers Assessment of display performance for medical imaging systems: Ordinal logistic regression analysis provided an in-depth evaluation, criterion by criterion allowing the selective implementation of the protocols.

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In relative VGA, the visibility of anatomical structures is compared and graded against the visibility of the same structures within a reference image. In particular, several methods have been proposed to reduce the dose of ionising radiation in CT.

CTDIvol is the main radiation dose indicator in spiral CT, integrating the radiation dose for a single slice delivered both within and beyond the scanned volume, representing the average radiation dose for a single slice in the scanned volume for contiguous scans. The framework for the analysis will be VGR, proposed in a previous publication [ 12 ].

This should be useful, particularly in the phase when protocols are optimised. InSmedby and Fredrikson proposed a method for analysing ranked visual grading data using ordinal logistic regression analysis [ 26 ].

The approach used here could possibly be generalised to handle other situations where imaging procedures are optimised. Established methods in performing observer and diagnostic performance tests make it possible to measure image quality by the evaluation of anatomical structures seen on the CT images against a set of criteria that have to be fulfilled [ 21 — 24 ].

In an image-pair experiment, where pairs of images are being compared with respect to a given image quality criterion, the regression equation will take the form:. Before the Game Gear’s launch inSega had success marketing its bit home console, the Sega Genesisby advertising it as a “more mature” option for gamers.


Over games were released for the Game Gear, [3] although at the time of the console’s launch, there were only six software games available.

Office for Official Publications of the European Communities; A coefficient of —0. Innovations in CT dose reduction strategy: A contribution to the establishment of diagnostic reference levels in CT. Examples include follow-up for traumatic or non-traumatic haemorrhage, raptured aneurysms, stroke or evaluation of ventricular size in cases of hydrocephalus [ 64344 ].

CT of the head by use of reduced current and kilovoltage: Results Evaluation of two-dimensional adaptive filters in coronary CT angiography Results of the logistic regression for coronary CTA are found in Table 1. Eur Radiol ; Mattson S, Soderberg M.

Game Gear – Wikipedia

The Game Gear [a] is an 8-bit fourth generation handheld game console released by Sega on October 6, in Japanin April throughout North America and Europeand during in Australia. Image assessment is based on the visualisation of clinically relevant anatomical structures using established standards such as the European guidelines on quality criteria.

The situation where both the patients and the reviewers are random samples from two larger populations, and thus should be treated as random effects [ 13 ], necessitates a more sophisticated statistical algorithm for the ordinal logistic regression than those available gerr standard software [ 14 ]. The effect of applying filtering was again strongest for image noise, and weakest for delineation of the common bile duct.

Beekman FJ, Kamphuis C. A note on the delta method. The findings of the VGC and ordinal regression analysis also led to consultation with participating resident radiologists highlighting the importance of image quality criteria for CT head imaging, which could be weighted differently depending on the pathology being investigated.


Since this was an image-pair experiment, and two post-processing procedures were studied, Equation 7 was applied for the VGR analysis. Standard statistical software does not allow random effects in logistic regression, but using generalised linear latent and mixed models GLLAMM [ 1516 ], it is possible to include random grer in a logistic regression model.

In order to mathematically model the probability for a certain grading score, the probability p is transformed with the logit function: Radiologists were not asked to evaluate or comment on any pathology present in the image data sets.

Quantifying the potential for dose reduction with visual grading regression

Conclusions VGR including a log mAs term can be used for predictions of potential dose reduction that may be useful for guiding researchers in designing subsequent studies evaluating diagnostic value. The coded CT data sets were reviewed by six local resident radiologists including: In order to mathematically model the probability gga a certain grading score, the probability p is transformed with the logit function:.

Grey-scale inversion improves detection of lung nodules. Now consider a situation beer images are acquired with radiography or CT using several levels of the mAs setting, which is proportional to the effective dose.