But here is some problems: CA is for create application. From beginning i would like to thank you all, especially Ridrix for all the information above. For doing a specific function I have to update the both files in both application. Do you have any links or other documentation I can read to help with this.

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A two byte CRC is calculated over the new key data 16 bytes and appended at the end. You only authenticate during selecting of the application.

Product Support

Most computers are equipped only with USB or More information. I will send unenvrypted and encrypted data to check if you can get same results to be able to validate my code. For more information, see the appropriate Technical Specifications of the above mentioned applications and program packages. If you want to send me that code you can send it to spudsmcghee yahoo.

Canon EOS-Digital cameras 4. I used information user manual,datasheets of the producer.


Driver Gemprox usb contactless reader for Windows 7

I already have some SAMv2 modules and readers ready to work with them. Really I am trying to decrypt the message after authentication. Hi Gorka, it is similar like communicating with Desfire directly. We map away wrong codes or sometimes logistic variants.

Setting up Compressor Supreme 1. This example only showed authentication with the PICC application.

The tricky part with the authentication is to make sure the application decrpyts when sending the response. Thanks for you quick reply for me… I understand about key settings that you mentioned above post.

As mentioned in documentation P1 and P2 are always 0. So utilizing only autentication procedure and mentioned key value I should get APDU frame to card like in Your example again:.

All geemprox from Gemplus: However, errors might have More information.

Mifare Desfire communication example

I am trying read and write from the sectors but without authentication it gives me 69 82 as response. Here is what I do: I want to access mifare desfire ev1 4k. So, what exactly do I need to do now in order to change the master key from default all 0s to another key with 16bytes length to use 3DES. Hi Tom, there is no mechanism inside the card. Do you have some further information about the Card? Let me see your key and session key.


This answer gives each Desfire card that is not personalized. Do you think so? Thanks for posting this. RIA Programming for Magic xpa 2. For change key i do: You can create different keys for each application but you access all the files in the same application with the same application master key.

But I would like to know how you obtained the SAM functional specification. I used the Java crc32 method. It is the same way but not same session key.