Posted on 18 July by Fernando Correia. Posted on 27 September by Tom. Can anybody help me please? I have a disc that has all components on it for windvr on both xp service pack 2 and win service pack 4!!!!!!! Thanks in advance, BeeKay. The manual also states that the camera sensor has PAL resolution.

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Posted on 6 May by Patrick. Posted on 11 November by James. Hi Guys, i have already bought a wirless usb 2. When i download from your link the 3 files for XP i cannot get it running.

Posted on 4 July by raymond.

It does show the Tridvid Capture as device, but can not select the Webcam. Sorry, did settings did meanwhile changed to NTSC without notice. I have a R receiver, but cannot find godcam drivers for Windows 7. I have been searching for a long time to find the drivers.


I have recently downloaded the latest Camguard Home Edition 5. Could plese help and advice VIsta driver and any working software?

I’d say it works fine for the interiors with fluorescent lights. I am from germany and i want to buy also this usb-receiver. I have tried to download the new edition again, but it wont install.

I have a wireless camera kit with R USB-receiver. I’ve bought this reciever with mini camera on eBay. Sorry, I don’t have a Mac. Has anyone experienced this and is there a fix?

Download: Telecharger Driver Receiver Gp

Is there a way to solve this? How many truth values are there in ternary logic? I have a GP and the computer does not recognize it. Have you found how to fix it? The camera still transmits something because my wireless internet gets interrupted whenever I plug in the camera, but I get no picture.

Your email optional, will be published. Posted on 23 August by lander. Posted on 3 August by Johan. If I change the device I can get the audio, but the video will not record – a message appears saying “Cannot enable record” If I change the device back, the video records but not the audio.


Posted on 18 July by Fernando. Very Thanks in advance!! Do you have the infos about the videoresolution and the framerate of the GP? I can’t find a link to the support site DeleteFile failed code 5 Access is denied.

Video Security made easy.

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