When done, click the OK button. There are two settings available: Page 19 PID 1: Question C The upgrading process indication bar stops and does not seem to proceed again while upgrading the print server. The Add Port box will then appear, along with the Firmware Upgrading Upgrading from your Browser 1. Question A Print jobs are sent to the print queue successfully, but fail to be sent to the printer.

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Two are very similar and are clearly device-discovery packets intended to search out all the print servers on the network. Check all the information of the print server by running PSAdmin. Select the NetWare File Server that the print server device will be attached to. Though there are two LEDs, there are no switches or jumpers: Page 55 Ethernet A networking standard using cables Category 5 to create a network.

This option allows you to select the bi-directional function of Make sure that the upgrade file is located in the same directory as PSAdmin.


Page 32 requirements of the network segment. It ARPs for the default gateway, then performs a number of aarp probes which appear to be related to Appletalk. Run Add Printer, Click Next.


Click Browse and select the firmware file. Click Setup to appear in the sub-menu. If you have ever modified this line, or if you have ever added any organization units OU to your NDS tree after the NetWare system was installed, please read the following section before you install the print server. Once it’s addressed, then the rest of the configuration is done via telnet or a browser interface.

Hawking PS12U Internet Print Server (2 USB, 1 Parallel Ports)

You can use this protocol to access your printer over the Internet as long as you configure your IPP gateway correctly on any Windows or XP client. So you can add a second port to the second printer, etc. To install PSAdmin, please follow the directions listed below. Select the NetWare File Server that the print server device will be attached ls12u.

Double-click the Add Printer icon.

PSAdmin sends 15 of these queries, alternating each time, spaced around msec apart. Installing Print Server on NetWare 4.

First click on the Start button, point your cursor to Settings, and hawkin Printers. To Enable Bindery Mode, if you want to setup Bindery environment. Networking by Lori Grunin Oct 3, Device name of the Print Server.


Both units are about the same size, and when the plastic clamshell case is opened, it reveals an Ethernet circuit board with a printer interface pw12u. Video Games by Lori Grunin 10 days ago. Page 19 PID 1: Double-click the Add Printer icon. Type in a Print Queue Names. Select one printer server port from the list, which is now connected to one of your printer sas shown in the following picture.

Select Yes Recommended and then click Finish. The time interval in haeking the print server unit polls the file server for servicing of print queues.

Possible Explanation There might be a network problem. Click on Printer, to show the information of each printer connected to the Print Server.