WAY less fiddly and also opens up the earcup cavity for greater access. Are the HDS “8x better”? Qadira wooden headphone stand Walnut Finish. Science cannot explain everything, therefore my placebo-induced delusion must be physical in nature, “hehehe”! Will have to look at my measurements when I get back home. My memory of it was that the treble had a “tizzy” quality and acoustic instruments lacked some body or tonal weight.

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So, you now have the low point of the sine wave meeting the high point of the wave as it exits the bottle delayed by a half wavelength, and the two cancel.

eing Good review except for your Submitted by inarc on February 18, – 9: Great write up Tyll. Can anyone please offer me some advice on improving hdd800 sound? That kind of talking sounds Submitted by Phos on February 20, – 2: Customers who bought this item also bought.

Over-Ear Open Headphones Reviews. Edit Submitted by dapost on March 13, – 4: These tell us something about the speed of membrane as well as how much they continue to vibrate after they are supposed to stop moving.

HD Shell Ring – – purchase online Sennheiser Pro Spares

I think you meant lower-treble Did you measure distortion of the HDSD? You guys are just going to have to get used to the idea that, while I rely heavily on measurements for some things, I also believe that the human experience can not be fully characterized with objective metrics.


There is another reason why this specific method of damping works.

At Sound Liaison we like a a clear placement of the instruments,really trying to make the band almost visual,and with a lot of depth and spaciousness in the sound stage. Essentially making it superior to the fabled never released specs of the annax mod.

HD800 (S) Ultimate Mod

Replacement here is like a magnifying glass effect. Tyll thanks for all the hours and hard work. Yes, we NEED more regulation in this world. That hf800 replacement with known good sounding wire I was wondering as I couldn’t find them on here, but what are your opinions on the sennheiser hd and beyerdynamic T1.

How many pounds of Joy did you experience yesterday? I was curious as to how the mix,done on the Grimm LS 1 speakers,would translate to high end Headphones.

Thanks Tyll for your review, it was an interesting read. Because they heard a difference.

This is an all unique mod comprising of nobody else tweaks, liners, etc. Qualities that pertain to cable preferences.

Submitted by zobel on March 9, – 2: I had nearly convinced myself that the HDS would be the ‘end game’ headphone for me. I have two older brothers that are anxious to begin a decade of Adventure with me, I’m itching to “have at it”, we’ll finally get to “See the USA in our Chevrolet”, fingers crossed. I think controlling the permeability of this layer at the bottom is used by the engineers at Sennheiser to adjust the damping to the right level.


Instead of absorbtion, we go to the root of the resonance problem, to stop it with dampening, not absorbtion. I recabled with a Norne Draug and put about hours on them. I was surprised to see all the fruit and wine there, that far north.

Sennheiser HD 800 S headphones REVIEW

Get’em while you rlng This application of the physical vibrational control of the structure, which will shift and eliminate the structure’s resonance problem. Other interesting measurements are squarewave responses and needle pulses. I was wondering Submitted by tiger on March 6, – 9: