It can send information directly to us. While it’s sometimes possible to use an emulator program like QEMU to run i applications on ARM, emulating i drivers can be complicated. In some distributions, together with the installation of pcscd installed and alternate demon Management readers – ‘openct’. It does not work correctly with these readers, so if you don’t use a reader that works only through libccid, uninstall it. Email Required, but never shown. In case you use both Omnikey and ACS it is best to use libacsccid1 instead libccid.

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While it’s sometimes possible to use an emulator program like QEMU to run i applications on ARM, emulating i drivers can be complicated. If in the distribution you use, you can not remove libccid, without removing pcscd, you will need to remove or disable the driver manually.

This and That: Installing Omnikey CardMan 3×21 in Ubuntu

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. If you are using Ubuntu You’re likely running Raspbian as your OS, which is a Linux distribution. It seems like some driver problem. If you install drivers from the package, it will probably restart daemon. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

After this package is installed you can proceed directly to installation of smart card driver. In these versions of Ubuntu daemon is configured to run as a normal user, but the driver of HID Global can not work that way. In order not to remove the demon when uninstalling libccid, you can install any other package providing pcsc-ifd-handler – for example libacr38u.


I may be ommikey and I hope I ambut it looks like you bought two incompatible pieces of hardware which you want to work together, completely ignoring the word incompatible.

In most cases when you delete this packages the problem is fixed. Most likely reason for this is that you have installed some of the following libccid or openct. Package name is pcsc-omnikey.

HID Global did not provide standard installation packages for Linux, so to install the driver must take the following steps:. In Ubuntu this is achieved by the consistent release of the following commands sudo killall pcscd and sudo service pcscd start.

Driver Download

If this sign is not show than the driver of Omnikey is not loaded. More destructive option is to simply delete the driver from the pcscd folder.

If you are using OpenSC with OmniKey reader you must set maximum message size manually in configuration file. In case you use both Omnikey and ACS it is best to use libacsccid1 instead libccid.

omnikey contactless driver for Raspberry pi – Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange

Sign up using Facebook. I have also been struggling with this same issue, and had a stroke of good fortune with timing! If you use different distribution or prefer to install driver manually, you can now download it from their site or from Reader drivers. Regardless of the model of your reader, you will need to install the package ‘pcscd’.


Before you install the driver must have installed ‘pcscd and you uninstalled or disabled ‘openct. Post as a guest Name. After report is accepted, it will show nine digit number, that can be used by our support team to see test result.

After some research I was able to communicate with the contact reader using this postbut the contactless reader is not visible in Raspberry Pi. Most likely the package containing this driver is called libccid or just ccid.

Buy A Compatible Card Reader

For correct operation of the reader will have to deinstalrate or if it can not be done without removing and pcscd, forbid him to run. In some distributions free reader driver libccid is installed with pcscd. If you do not have Internet connection or direct sending failed, you can save report and send it to support infonotary. If you use Debian, Ubuntu or Mint you can install it directly from our apt repository. I believe the driver problem here is that official drivers are closed-source and only exist for x86 platform.

HID have now released a driver for their Omnikey encoders that omni,ey compatible with the ARM processor, and is available here. Anurag Sharma 1 2.