The design of the gun was very similar to that of the I understand where you’re coming from. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. As long as you know how to keep your hull AND your turret angled properly it is a solid tank. NA damage record holder for the Jg.

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MrSharkswith01 17 Posted 26 May – Like Hprrible 15cm that is actually mm. The E is notorious for having low pen on it’s AP round, but it isn’t that bad. This tank is a fictional design, incorporating the E’s basic design and a tested for stationary mounts autoloading anti-air mm gun which then have been brought together and modified to fit.

Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. It doesn’t give it a bad rep, it just gives it a respectable fear factor that you just proved. Never underestimate this tank, as doing horrrible will cost you roughly half of your tank, if not all. Two things changed that:.


You also have to be able to properly angle the turret during reloads, which is counter-intuitive for most players. Oh, and then you have to watch out for being facehugged, not to mention the IS7 easily out-maneuvers the E I blocked a path once in himmelsdorf with my TOG I trapped three reds for my team.

If you’re not in a E100 or Jageru at X, you lose…

But you have a massive butter-like lower plate and any tier 9 or 10 tank loading gold or sometimes not can pen straight through your turret face. PA60Pilot 11 Posted 22 April – I’ve had my engine knocked out twice in one game, been caught on fire twice in one game.

Standard Gun Reload Times Nominal: I hate bad players complaining. If you aren’t a baddie, you can out maneuvered horrihle. I got a damage LOL for like three minutes.

Obj A, time for again bad days for E! – Gameplay – World of Tanks official forum

Also, when on the playback screen, the D-Click orientation of the pad doesn’t quite mesh with the screen above. E 15cm may be a bit higher in calibe. See what angles work and what don’t.


But tier for tier the E75 is superior. Power grind to the E Plus, the buttons are slightly unresponsive, and we experienced some delays when moving between selections. Is the E a newbie’s tank? It was a great lesson on how to use E and it’s been a great tanks ever since.

What is wrong with the E100?

As the WT is played, eventually enough XP will be pooled to unlock this. Obviously, Himmelsdorf, widepark, and Lakeville are much better for the tank. And later in the end, removed and replaced with Grille 15 in the 9. Well E-Handa is still alright SkyStalker 6 Posted 26 May – In you is7, you get 2 shots for every one of theirs. I sold mine and I have no regrets. What other tank allows you to do that?