Anyone got any ideas? But a separate device, like the i-gotU, let’s you pop the location data into images from any number of cameras and cellphones. After it is connected to a digital camera, camera phone, or computer, the mobile action gt can upload gps information and photos to travel blogs. It is possible to continuously connect a source of external current. Always call in Trip, it is not necessary to be connected to the Internet, even if a message will inform you that you are not connected click on the icon in the status bar at the top “edit” so far, the 6th button from the left A window “Content Editor” opens. But we actually found the route to be pretty accurate. The unit functioned as advertised and took a lot of beating during the three months it saw thousands of miles and kilometers.

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How to import my Travel Logger data into trip PC? Now you can decide whether to add the photos of the pool to the currently selected track or to directly write the EXIF tags to the files. The altitude accuracy of GPS devices is often compromised by the device’s view of the sky. A dialog box with a slider for the time adjustments available in the log lets you change the time.


Templates show a map on the right side with thumbnails on the left, in various styles. Subsequent charges are much quicker, though, at just two hours. To get photos onto the map and optionally write GPS data to their Exif headers, you Add them to the trip.

Mmac a small map link of your trip on your blog.

If the imported GPX 1. How to check whether i-gotU device has been installed successfully? I would have liked to see some customization in this feature but after data is downloaded, those file names can be changed.

GPS satellites circle the earth goty each day on very precise orbits.

About the size of a 9V battery, the unit has only one button and two lights. Adjustment can be made thereafter but not at all practical, even less if you have a change of time-zone during a photo reportage.

This is especially true if you haven’t set your camera’s clock for a while. Nothing we tried on the mac would recognize the igotu and the geometr software wouldnt read the gps tags the igotu software added to our.

igotu2gpx in Launchpad

Realtime Tracking crashed when running for a longer time. As a GPS device, we liked the small, unobtrusive i-gotU. Is i-gotU device compatible with Mac-OsX?

Support new product – i-gotU GT 3. Bing Maps are not correctly sized with myTracks 2. But I was under the impression it physically works with a Mac. But do this when you are outside with nothing between fotu and the big blue sky because this is when the device looks around for GPS satellites. Some new columns in geocache list added.


i-gotU GT-120 GPS Data Logger Review

Creating a folder with pictures dedicated to the trip external software from trip. The beginning of the track will always be centred on the Google maps. One corner is exposed so you can attach a wrist strap or lanyard. Installing the i-gotU device on a different USB port.

I hope mad my return from holiday I will not blow everything away due to too many problems.

Each has its advantages and drawbacks. How long will mad i-gotU device finish locating and start to record after I turn on the power? In the pool of photos it is now possible to select more than one photo. In fact this problem happens only in vista. Files location on the computer. It will be easy to replace it later on. You may also try the following: To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question.