One prominent issue is the time offset mentioned on page 68 that many will dismiss where the crossover is smack in the upper middle of vocals and is a classic example of the intelligibility problems involving the Haas effect. It is a sum of the many drivers and port outputs. Jack Coffee Hays, Republic of Texas. As is evident in all of the plots, the model does not capture the reflections seen in the actual response the peaks seen in the red measured response plot. At first I was a bit shocked until I noticed how far away you were measuring I have access to slight deals on Radian as well if they have a good choice. When I was a rep I had a dealer who took a pair of Corwalls in trade and he moaned that they had been their for months and he could not move them.

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I agree that Klipsch was the master of getting the best he could from commodity-level components. Before going into the measurements, shown below is the electrical equivalent circuit used here to provide guidance for the modeling approach.

Note also, the network shuts down, quite effectively, the output above 7kHz compare purple to gold plot. Good speaker cable is very important with Khorns; try to get the best cable you can afford.


So, based on the quote above, it seems as though Mr. The complex impedance of the two factory drive units are first measured in free-air.

Good advice above, both for placement and to visit the klipsch forums. Heyser publishes a 3m amplitude response of the Klipschorn Fig.

Klipschorn Setup

No, create an account now. Plots in the complex frequency domain, sare made using the Nyquist plot. I guess that I should preface this response with an admission that I should not be responding to this! Wow, the idea of inheriting Klipschorns.

With that said, here is my report: Are they tucked tightly into the corners of the room, with both sides unobstructed? I’m assuming and I Hopeyou should pardon the pun, it is the town hass Arkansas, but I’m visualizing a fish, bird, food, type of music, or something more graphic.

Klipschorn The Missing Bass Discovered

Sign In Sign Up. I doubt that it is a great idea to go below Hz though.

A high resolution, quasi-anechoic reflection free response is shown below. Also, when the center channel was engaged during some movie-watching, the La Scala seemed to blend seamlessly with the Klipschorns. Ive built a few sets of khorns.

Plots of voltage as a function of basz frequency are plotted and assessed initially for pass-band linearity, shelving, phasing errors, transition band attenuation rates and so on.

Bass was just non-existent. The trick however is to either derive, approximate or experimentally determine the functional form. The predicted response is the electrical power dissipation across R et. As a result, I decided to keep it in the design.


or B over Klipschorn bass bin

Within 2 weeks hass sold the Cornwalls, the tube amp and the tt. These are incredible speaekrs, maybe the best I have ever heard in the right application. I purchased a set of Khorns about 2 months ago and they sounded pretty bad without being used in conjunction with a sub.

The Khorns sure needed a good vacuuming anyway. I believe that he’s been reincarnated as “Chief Bonehead” in his second forum life To a first approximation, the complex impedance of the Klipschorn bass unit can be modeled by first measuring the free-air, complex impedance of the K33E woofer and then measuring it installed in the bass horn. Sneaky PeteJun 24, But Johns comment regarding Heyser and his measured response alluding to its being fabricated is rather amazing to me. These parameters are typically provided based on measurements obtained from free-air test conditions.

Well I guess I could live with a three way. The response below Hz is not an actual measurement.