If anyone has a solution please email me rolling rogers. I cleaned the rubber portion with Goof Off and it seemed ready to go. One printer available, not retested, worked once, as is. I inherited it when my office upgraded to newer Mac equipment, but I have never used it. Printers are sold “clean and working”, tested but no extended warrenty. Also a power connector to an external power supply voltage not listed on box. Ask me what I have available, used or unused, and a price.

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Furthermore, installing the wrong Apple drivers can make these problems even worse. These were manufactured in grey only. The ImageWriter II came in two models.

Looks like the Stylewriter II and A common solution was the 3rd party PhoneNet which used conventional telephone cables for networking. SerialLocalTalkAppleTalk. Replaced power supply, AC supply board, fuser and pickup roller!!! HP number RG, or apple number He is a lifelong computer geek and loves everything related to computers, software, and new technology. For instance, a company called “Orange Micro” made a series of devices with the “Grappler” model name.

September 6, at 4: The devices were manufactured by Canon at their site in Japan for Apple. I turned off the printer, had a glass of wine or threeand mailed the pages back to my client.


LaserWriter IINT: Technical Specifications

Seems to me I was trying to off the Select s to some Swedish collector, but he never laserqriter my e-mails…. My list of Mac Web pointers shows Apple Web site links and links to other sites. Views Read Edit View history. This is an HP inkjet printer made for Mac use; it is very different laserwgiter the Apple-made Stylewriters.

Apparently his newer Mac and printer could not render the old fonts properly, so he asked if I could print out copies of the files containing the Cyrillic text. If anyone has a solution please email me rolling rogers. To compete, many other laser printer manufacturers licensed Adobe PostScript for inclusion into their own models.

Apple and others still make cartridges for these printers, and they are compatible with a variety of older Macs. I am wondering if there is a better print driver I could be using with my There is a small fan on lawerwriter of it, in a black case with black filter.

LaserWriter – Wikipedia

November 13, at Uses either a black print head and ink cartridge, or a “carrier” which holds a black and a color ink cartridge. BusinessWire, January 23, Check our Personal Laserwriter printer parts Web page for specifics. Imagewriter IILQ with extra-wide carriage.


The original LaserWriter was a groundbreaking piece of equipment, launching the desktop publishing revolution in conjunction with the Mac Plus and a new font format called Adobe PostScript. Too little interest to maintain or test this printer.

Also, check our software section for Apple software to allow you to use a Stylewriter II printer; and consider buying that printer. If you are looking for an IW I, ask what I have available, sold tested and working but unwarranted otherwise; please don’t ask for “best possible condition” but note any conditions you insist upon.

Laserwriter fuser I have a few removed fusers which may or may not be good; I cannot test them. I love this printer. In combination with WYSIWYG publishing software like PageMakerthat operated on top of the graphical user interface of Macintosh computers, the LaserWriter was a key component at the beginning of the laserwwriter publishing revolution. Estimated shipping weight 10 lbs. They both perform and look identical; however some case parts are not interchangable.