If the channel number does not match the channel displayed, but channels change when you change them, then brand of tuner is probably right, but the exact model is not. Set to 1 if card has a TV tuner Just to clarify the way the videoMux keys work: Before proceeding, you must customize the Bt My Computer Computer Type: New 23 Dec 2.

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INF file to suit your capture card: Forum Windows 10 Forums Drivers and Hardware. Crashes after hitting “stop capture” in Gaming. Here I will document all those settings, so, if you must, you can vist them by hand to the provided INF file. Before proceeding, you must customize the Bt New 23 Dec 2.

Because Leadtech told the video industry to go micturate up a rope, it ignores all analog copy protection systems. At least the S-Video input works.

Download LIFEVIEW Graphics Board drivers

New Product View Product Index. Has anyone been able to get any bt based video capture cards working in Windows 10 x64? Nowadays the driver is supporting a lot of keys registry keys that are not required by normal users so the. In all honesty, it’s a nightmare and a big problem. The value is simply the frequency in Hz of the associated crystal, or 0 if crystal is not present.


Allow it to continue. Those 2 files are the only required to install the complete WDM driver. Copy the files bt If set to bbt878khf, that chip wont be detected at all, and if you set it to 0xFF, then autodetection will be enabled same as if the key is not present Key: I can’t think of a solution for you, as to just go ahead and put a new HDD in your main desktop and boot lifeviw it running Windows XP.

They degrade performance, so must be used only if experiencing trouble as lockups. Those settings work, but the recommended way to create such a personalized INF file lifeviww to use the automatic installer. Should make tuning 10x times faster, but some tuners don’t work with it.

If there’s some chance co compile drivers for it to Windows it would be cool.

Lifeview Flyvideo 98 Deluxe Bt Graphics Driver Download

Windows cut support at Windows Vista. The video capture one gives me the can’t start error 10 error. Jumping between windows on screen is much better than walking araound non-stop. First, we need to download few files: If present, forces the I2C address of the TV tuner module to the one given, instead of bbt878khf it.



Click the link or Download button and it goes btt878khf another page with a big, green Download button. That’s no problem because being NTSC it’s useless.

This page is for informational use only. All the non referenced entries of VideoMux are simply composite inputs Bye for now! Got a link to the actual driver download, instead of Driver Dr? Only required if you force them.

I need help in this. All the following keys must be added after the line: Much better than PS3 too specially on energy efficiency.