I tried to use the Mageia Control Center to install a wireless internet interface, and it seemed to be asking me for a driver file. We no longer have community blogs was never really used We no longer have a portal page. The script which I’ve called bt-reload should be owned by your user and given execute permissions. I should have remembered this from my days struggling with Xandros on the EeePC. New USB device strings: If yes it would be great if someone could guide me step by step in order to make it work. The purpose of blacklisting kernel modules has the effect that those are not automatically loaded during system boot but they can still be loaded afterwards manually.

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A “Confirmation” window broaecom up. What is the difference? If you use Skype it has its own selector for themes in the configuration where qtcurve can be selected. The solution was to rebuild from source. This is to unload btusb and reload it. Why I am asking.

Edited December 24, by CxOrg. Again I had to remove some old applications which were blocking the install of some new packages.


modprobe ndiswrapper freezes

Updating and restarting and it all works better than ever. Select all [root localhost ] rfkill list all 0: Unable to find network interface for selected device using bcma driver MCC Hardware tab reports that the driver in use is ‘bcma’ I’d expected wl, but the machine is seeing the chipset and recommends I install bcma-config, I clicked ‘yes’.

Join our community today! Ask here your questions about advanced usage of Mageia. Perhaps it is a different wireless card in the second machine. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

I have a HP Stream11 with the same chip and mwndriva able to install from the live medium, and then they installed as working when I installed the distro. Posted January 10, edited.

b43 and b43legacy

Though it is not clear which app was to blame. Yes, The ndiswrapper 1. Not being able to resist an upgrade I configured the repositories from the MIB site. Mandriva mostly, vector 5.

RPM resource broadcom-wl

Posted November 7, This installation does add the configuration panel “GTK Styles and fonts”. A computer restart may be required before using the wifi card.

Looking around, I found a document on Broadcom’s site, describing an update to their wl driver https: Broadcom wireless card driver broadcom drivers are included in the software packages already USC or synaptic find which one is the right precompild and install http: Hello, I downloaded 1. World regulatory domain updated: It is just a pity we don’t have 3D rendering with OpenGL and probably never will on this machine.


Can I install Broadcom wireless driver offline? On discovery of the excellent kde4-style-qtcurve to style application windows and features, I became more interested in getting all applications to use this same styling.

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Being bold I followed the following to upgrade KDE from 4. This seemed to have affected suspend to ram which failed to complete until I fiddled with these controls. In the end this route failed for me. I am still learning. I would recommend following the instructions here Openchrome.