Matrox stopped support for Marvel GTV early because there was no way to make it fully functional in Windows Good utility to have to help check if you have all the latest softwares installed. The bit architecture helps in increasing the performance of both 2D and 3D acceleration. G Max is the clear winner for bit rendering at high resolutions. Unfortunately Matrox never described the functionality of this component in-depth so little is known about it.

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In the bit and bit comparison tests, I only used Q3Test 1. Due to its average 3D performance, I would only give it 4. Also, it should be interesting to see how the GMax can edge out the competition with bit rendering.

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This is quite normal as the product only began shipping some one to two months ago.

It is nowhere near nVidia’s Quick Tweak menu. The new chip featured several new and innovative additions, such as multiple monitor output support, an all-around bit rendering pipeline with high performance, further improved 2D and video acceleration, and a new 3D feature known as Environment Mapped Bump Mapping.

Matrox Graphics – Support – Latest Matrox drivers for legacy products

Subscribe to our newsletter. The OpenGL drivers are still not as matured as I’d like it to be, and there millenmium certainly a lot more that could be done to improve the OpenGL performance. As you can see, the possiblities are endless! This is because the chip could get pretty hot as it is required to handle the second display at higher refresh rates than other similar chips used in other cards. File name Release date and file size Driver Notes, including operating system and Matrox graphics card support Disk 1 To date, there are already a number of games that support this feature, and Matrox promises more titles to come.


Calling up the Display Properties, one would be confronted with a lot of options to configure your video card.

The gaming possibilities are endless. Hardware MJPEG capturing can be unstable but software compression, using a good video codec, gives much better results anyway. Retrieved from ” https: However, do note that the Mahrox version only began shipping in the US sometime mid of August.

Comparing its output quality with the Creative TNT2 Ultra, the GMax is certainly the better choice in terms of video quality as well as TV-output clarity and sharpness. The TNT2-Ultra driver version was the reference driver version 2. Notice the sharper image produced on the GMax, especially the 3D Mark logo near the top right corner of the image. Anyway, we should see the difference in performance to be minimal between bit and bit rendering.

The result was the best quality bit and bit color modes available at the time. I had to format it that way in order to squeeze all the numbers into the table. Overclocking tests showed that the core was unable to achieve higher speeds than G even though it was manufactured on a newer process. The DualHead settings are further explored below.


Click on the images to see the full view of the picture itself.

Matrox G400

The feature that seems to hesd the most interest is the ability to have games utilize two screens simultaneously. Some product drivers that I know never even matured after the product was delivered into the market many many months ago. According to Matrox, multi-texturing requires the combination and blending of various textures onto a single polygon.

Matrox products are listed down the left-hand side, and operating systems are listed along the top. We finally know the truth about this much hyped product. Unfortunately Matrox never described the functionality of this component in-depth so little is known about it. The 3D capabilities of G were identical to G This could explain why the GMax performance at bit and bit colours yielded similar results.