The capture mode goes well, but I have no output to monitor or monitor. What is included with Matrox RT? Neither Adobe nor Matrox have been any help so far. I saw Pipelines website, but they have no release date. Can’t capture on the fly.

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Use new NVidias if you want great performance. Matrox Rt English File Name: The Adobe customer support people told me after the installation problems I had that it is NOT a replacement and our production people would be on a learning curve regarding the changes.

When installing the Matrox RT software, you are asked to choose the video standard you want to use with your system. Matrox Rt English G As for experience, I’ve been in Broadcast Television more than fifteen years.

Your new X card works great with Premiere dindows.

This will not work with Pro or Xtreme. What are the minimum system requirements for Matrox RT? I have the Beta2 driver. If you are using DVDit!


RT Video Capture Card

Right now it’s just a crap shoot as to whether it will work with your system. I have been having problems and have been tempted to look at Matrox. What operating systems are supported with Matrox RT? Matrox Rt English E Neither Adobe nor Jatrox have been any help so far.

Matrox Video – Support – FAQs RT

Matrox Rt English Matrox Rt English N Your VGA card is a big problem. You can install Pro also to learn it, but it will not be realtime until you choose to put in the new XTools. It pissed me off! This will allow you to specify a save path. And the real time effects are not selectable.

Get a error message that I have to right – click and set as default, but that’s not possible. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Supported operating systems Matrox Video Tools version 3. Return to posts index. Matrox Rt English Download Stats: Joe, Okay now we are getting somehere.


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For details on minimum system requirements for Matrox RT see Matrox RT system requirements in the Support section of this web site. Talk about doing research, you didn’t do yours. Click here for more info.

We are installing a new Nvidia today hoping it will solve some slow windowws and video glitches.

Premiere Pro and Matrox RT2500 or RTX100Xtreme Incompatible

Download the following file: There are also a number of fixes included in this Service Pack. Capturing, editing, and exporting. If you have a previous version of the Matrox Video Tools software installed on your system, uninstall it before installing this release.