Fri Sep 09, 4: If you are using a Mac, the Maya44 USB will work with native Mac CoreAudio No drivers need to be downloaded or installed , but you may need to configure it for 4 channel input and output. Considering that sound cards are ridiculously cheap these days, a second sound card for cue output is the most obvious and straightforward solution. Agreed, but the solutions offered are the best we have as users of SAM in its current incarnation. If you have 2 seperate soundcards you can have stereo cue and air output. I am affraid that there is something wrong with my proccessor.

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Users browsing this forum: IRQ maya 44 asio might be one possible cause on Windows, you can check this through system device manager Have you already checked tuning tips: Click on the Performances tab and choose the following: The Mute tick box needs to be ticked Otherwise you will hear the timecode signal Aiso whine Output section: Windows PC driver installation and configuration: This is the mixer I use, no drivers, sounds great.


I have to address this – we have asked for dual channel playback for years. I use a dual sondcard mixer.

MAYA44 latency problem

USB and Firewire audio interfacea seems to be quite sensitive for realtime changes when it maya 44 asio samplerate and buffer size in question. I use my computer for my work. DVDdoug on The sound card which is onboard, indeed has a digital output.

Wed Nov 11, 7: Next, if you are using a Windows PC, download and install the latest drivers for the Maya Using Vista Home Premium. My workaround is this – because I am a wedding dj, I can’t remember the last time I played anything in stereo so I just use left channel “AIR”, right channel mzya44 – this forces mono playback mays44 I have left and right deck control in my outboard mixer.


According to this page the new driver can be used by the old interface. Use your CD recording software to burn this to a couple of audio CD’s.

I agree on all of the may4a4 above.

Tue Jan 10, I will send you a p. Clients Affiliates Help Desk Forum.

Is there any solution available apart from asoo away an ESI card? Mon Jun 14, 3: Page 1 of 2. No I haven’t yet, but will now. Skip to Content spacial. What does their site or forum say? Of course, but I would like to use more than 2 channels.


Rogier may44 den Berg, The Netherlands. For Quizzes I use a small mixer which has two USB inputs, I route Air to Channel 1 and Cue to Channel 2 and then use the crossfade to mix between the main output and the sound effects which I have sent to cue output, works fine for me. First, check your cable connections – You should have: That was the way to see 2 different soundcards.

How can I solve this Problem? Even more decks would be great to assign a complete mixer setup. Make sure that keylock or master tempo on the CD player is turned off.

Tue Sep 13, 9: