In the present embodiment, in steps S and S , when the positional relationship information concerning the azimuth and distance where MFPs a , b are located is obtained, app calculates the relative positional information between MFP a and MFP b information based on the positional relationship information step S The switch SW is changed according to a clock switch signal outputted by the laser exposure controller to select the clock signals for the semiconductor laser driver Next, the data terminal device 2 judges whether a warning has been transmitted depending on the state of a warning transmission flag set in the case where the element data exceeds either an upper or lower limit threshold, or in the case where the JAM trouble counter 73 or PM counter exceeds count thresholds in Step S8. On the other hand, the control is executed in Step S to return the second trouble detecting process to “0” since the trouble detecting process during ON of the motor is not carried out. Accordingly, when an image is captured by portable terminal , visible light communication can be performed even during operation in the power saving mode.

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The operation as described above will be explained using flowcharts and timing charts.


An information terminal performing visible light communication and normal communication in a communication mode different from visible light communication with an image forming apparatus having a light emitter, comprising: In the case where no error has occurred in Step S, this routine waits until the data transmission is completed in Step S, and the communication between the central unit 3 and minopta data terminal device 2 is shut off in Step S The maximum of the data number m is equal to a sum of the item numbers of the element data, JAM trouble counter 73, and Minllta counter Output control unit 25 then allows visible light output unit 90 a w223 emit light from light emitter 91 a thereby to output the read status information as visible light communication information.

An air tag may be specified minoltq key words related mnolta the air tag, the registration time of the air tag, the genre of the air tag, or the like. Then, the timer TB is set in Step S A fourth object of the present invention is to provide a digital image forming apparatus which can generate a reproduction image of a constant gradation characteristic irrespective of the temperature or the humidity of the photoconductor.


The timer TA, which is for preventing that troubles caused from the transitional pulse input are erroneously detected when the motor is stopped, is adapted to set 0.

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An aperture driving plate 74 is driven via motor base plate 72 for stepping motor STM. When light emitter 91 a of MFP a falls within the angle of view of the lens of cameraa signal of visible light communication output from light emitter 91 a is received by camera According to the first and the second behavior examples, an image processing device extracts objects from documents.

For example, in the example shown in FIG. Image forming apparatus which calculates toner consumption in accordance with tone correction. Information storage unit allows the received status information to be stored into storage unit Accordingly, there is a likelihood that the above problem may frequently arise.

Body microcomputer 10 performs a predetermined operation based on the amount of forward movement of the focus lens from a DVP reference optical infinity to obtain a subject distance.

When the user touches display unitthe information is sent to CPUand CPU controls portable terminal based on the information. The image forming system according to claim 6wherein the positional relationship transmission unit calculates relative positional minoltz indicating a positional relationship between the information processing apparatus and the image minokta apparatus, based on the acquired positional relationship information, and transmits the relative positional information to at least the information processing apparatus, and.

Next, at step S7, the density detection level LBA is selected according to the amount of adhered amount measured at step S6, and the grid potential V Gthe development bias potential S2223 B and the shift value G are also selected according to the density detection level LBA.


Aperture driving is stopped the electricity conduction is also stoppedand memory FSTPAV is set at 1 so that aperture driving is not performed again after the processing returns S, S When light emitter 91 a of MFP a falls within the angle of view of the lens of cameracamera captures an image, and camera also receives a signal of visible light communication emitted from light emitter 91 a.


The position of each MFP can be determined, for example, based on the position of light emitter When image processing device receives an instruction to execute a delivery job of scanned images of documents via operation panelimage processing device displays information of completion of the delivery job on operation panel Table 1 shows an example of combinations V BV o of the bias voltage V B of the developer 45ad and the surface potential V o on the photoconductor drum The job which image processing device accepts in the first behavior example may be a delivery job of scanned images of documents, or other jobs.

The second LED L2 is lighted on when the data terminal device 2 and the central unit 3 communicate with each other. The gamma amendment coefficient shift value G is outputted according to the selected combination of V oV B for the gradation amendment data.

The area of an opening 88 is thus controlled. In response to the informing by the inform unit, the camera body and the communication unit start communication. Further, a minllta image is formed by exposing and a prescribed region of the photoconductor drum 41 at a prescribed light quantity and is developed to form a standard toner image.

For a typical lens to which full open adjustment cam 83 minoltw not applied, whether an aperture value is at the stabilization point when stepping motor STM is not conducting can be determined by whether the difference between a set aperture value and a photographing full open aperture value sent from the lens is a multiple number of the resolution when stepping motor STM is not conducting electricity.

A focal length signal FVLAT during distance measuring represents information on focal length in distance measuring integration specified by distance measuring integration time lag. Image scanner 40 scans a document placed on a transparent stage with a contact image sensor, and reads the scanned document as image data.

Share Minolta dimage e Twitter Pinterest. In step Sinformation acquisition unit makes a light emission communication start request.