Feature — Maximum input voltage up to 30V — Support low cost linear and Nokia adaptor charger 9. Place memory as close as possible to MT Copyright? So , please use 1. Data Group Trace p Layout 5: Charger BJT selection — Max.

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3PCS/LOT MT6252A MT6252 for original Mediatek CPU

Audio Si l h ti dl t? Important SW setting 3. DAT3 as Card detect 1. Set VBAT low voltage shutdown at 3. To minimize RF radiation interference, do not place the sensor module near or beneath the antenna. Chan E-mail: Nice to have Copyright?

GSM Mobile Phone research

Although MT class-AB power output is 0. For design in,please notice the parts shipping delivery time.

For design in, please notice the parts shipping delivery time. Reference design — Schematic?

Each clock shall be routed surround with ground plan. Copyrightadd uF or above capacitor at the end of power cable near phone 32 Also? With minimum trace lengths, tm6252a highspeed clock and high-speed data differential pairs first. Class-AB — Charger controller?


Please refer to pulse charging SW customize programming g p g g p g g guide for customization. PA control logic and schematic of RF module? De-couple cap shall connect to main ground directly. Refer to below figure for the data group topology and below g guidelines. This section states the layout recommendations for the Image Sensor clock signals. PT3 31 Qb Return to idle Idle?

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Sync Burst MHz 1. Routing Guideline Route microstrip over unbroken ground or power plane.

You also can enable internal pull up but reserving SMT space for external pull up resistors is recommended. Routing Guideline Route microstrip over unbroken ground plane. PT2 20 Qb Dummy Idle? Analog power must be routed surround with ground plan De-couple cap shall connect to main ground directly. Soplease use 1.

CPU MTA – GsmServer

Route all traces over continuous planes Keep all signals clear of the core logic set. Select CMU or ? Route signals using a minimum of vias and corners. EMC design and notice Microphone application circuit note? This reduces reflections on the signal by minimizing impedance discontinuities discontinuities.


Their pins are fully compatible but pin locations are slightly shifted. This reduces signal reflections and impedance changes. Zener diode on phone.